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Laurie Adams would love to welcome you to the web-home of The EFT Academy of Southern Africa. I am grateful and excited to share my passion for Emotional Freedom Techniques with you, by presenting high quality EFT courses in South Africa.

Have you ever struggled with any of the following?  

  • Weight gain and struggling to lose it
  • Resentment, anger, frustration or other unresolved emotions
  • Grief, loss, sadness
  • Memories that still cause you discomfort, to a greater or lesser degree
  • Relationships that just don't work
  • Money issues
  • Feeling like your life is just a constant struggle
  • Procrastination
  • Fears and phobias (including of public speaking, flying, dentists, crime)
  • Anxiety, depression, feeling hopeless

You're not alone! Millions of people around the world struggle with all or most of the above and feel helpless to change. Most of us grow up in homes and environments where few life skills are taught - simply because no-one taught our parents or care-givers. And so the cycle keeps repeating itself... if we have no skills, how can we change our lives or empower our children?

There's a Solution for Every Problem

In any situation we no longer want, there's a normally a problem (we prefer to call it a challenge), and many different solutions. Just because we haven't found the solution yet, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So for anyone of the above challenges, there might be a number of different ways to deal with it. One is to sweep it under the carpet - most of us do that when we have no idea what else to do.... Suppressing or ignoring the challenge obviously does not help or make it go away... it merely stews and brews under the surface until a suitable outlet is found. This might lead to an outburst when your husband/wife least expects it, or the car/dog/bed/tyre is kicked... or years later it might manifest in physical discomfort and dis-ease.

There is now irrefutable proof that unresolved emotions and stressful events lead to our bodies 'complaining' and giving us messages. Much research is being conducted in this area (take a look at the Resources page for books and websites). Gregg Braden writes

...for each nonphysical feeling, emotion, and belief that we create within our bodies, there is the physical equivalent of that experience that becomes the makeup of our cells. So we literally have what we may call "love chemistry" and "hate chemistry".

  (The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, p 118).

Our bodies are quite literally flooded by a different set of chemicals, depending on the emotions we feel. In The Divine Matrix (p164), Gregg Braden writes

Scientific research has shown that as we change the way we feel about what's happened to us in our past, we change the chemistry in our bodies in the present.


So how can you change the feelings you have about the past?

The great news is that an incredible and simple self-help tool has become available to every single person walking the planet. Help is at hand, and the magic is in your fingertips!

All the above issues, and much more, can be addressed with one tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Laurie has been working with EFT for a number of years and is very excited to spread the word. EFT is simple to use, easy to learn, it has profound results and best of all is that anyone (even children) can learn to help themselves with it.

This site and our services might be for you if you

Make an appointment or book for a workshop today to start creating your life of choice! 

Love and light,


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EFT Tips

Tip #8 : EFT clears emotional contributors while you're tapping for a physical issue. You don't even have to know what it is. Find an uncomfortable physical sensation and tap a few rounds for it.If it shifts somewhere else, use that in your tapping. It's called "Chasing the Pain". Repeat until you feel great!

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"The love and support. The gentleness and the acceptance - unconditional. Thank you. I didn't think this would be SO powerful!"
~ Tertia

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